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Sizing grease interceptors is important, but it's just one component of your overall project. Put away the spreadsheets. Plug in your details and let Grease Monkey do the work for you...all for free.

Flow Rate
Liquid Capacity
Grease Capacity
Great Basin 250

Size Accurately

Too big and you're overpaying. Too small and it's overflowing. Grease Monkey sizes interceptors using the Grease Production Sizing Method, so you know you're getting the right solution.

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Size Locally

A lot of jurisdictions and a lot of rules. Save time researching and drafting one-off spreadsheets to accommodate another sizing method. Grease Monkey has numerous local requirement calculations programmed in right out of the box.

Need a consult?

With Grease Monkey's PreApproval service, every project can be reviewed by a Sizing Expert and discussed with the jurisdiction--all for FREE! Get a clearer path to approval without the phone tag.

Plans ready

Produces PDF plan-ready sizing calculations, perfectly sized for placement on your construction documents.

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Grease Monkey is totally free--no trials, no project limits. Sign up for an account now and start sizing your projects in a whole new way.

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